Media Solutions

Media Solutions

ToneTip is a new patented technology that works by adding short audio tags to audio and video media productions. The audience uses the Free ToneTip app to detect the audio tags and display information added by the media Producer. (radio example

ToneTips give the audience instant access to the information they want, and media Producers with the power to deliver it. See How It Works for more information.

Media Producer

Whether it’s PowerPoint, YouTube, podcasts, or broadcasts, we’re all media producers. With ToneTip technology, media Producers have all the power to connect with their audience across all major media platforms. When consuming your media, your audience will never have to enter a phone number, address, or website, the information will just pop up on their screen or be save to their history list. After logging into, Producers simply define what is displayed with each ToneTip and where and when it’s displayed during playback for their media.

Media Producers

Authoring Tools

As a media Producer, a ToneTip is simply a short, inaudible audio file that is mixed into the audio stream for future playback. ToneTip audio links work with all major media authoring tools including, Audacity for audio, Adobe Premier, Camtasia Studio, Microsoft Movie Maker, PowerPoint and all major audio and video production software.

ToneTip audio link technology works across all audio and video media including PowerPoint, TV, Radio, Film, Music, YouTube, Vimeo, Powtoon, Public Address Systems, Podcasts and Broadcasts. See the Tutorials section for more information.

Media Channels

Media Channels

ToneTip audio technology works across all major audio and video media channels, including radio, TV, streaming, public address systems, and even PowerPoint.

  • Tone Tips give listeners instant access to information they want and Producers with the power to deliver it.

  • Engage your audience

  • Monetize your productions

  • The Next Generation of connected media

  • Engage and measure across all media channels

  • TV

  • Radio

  • PowerPoint

  • Podcast

  • Live

Tone Tips connect offline media with the online world.