How it Works

For App Users

Get the information you want, when you want it. You'll never have to write down a phone number, website, or address again. It all just pops up on your smartphone. see this youtube tutorial.

For Media Producers

After logging into, Producers simply define what is to be displayed on each ToneTip screen and they get an audio hyperlink file. They mix the audio file in their audio or video production depending on when they want it to be displayed during playback for their media.

How it works

How to Create a ToneTip audio file

How to create a Tone Tip file

For Producers, Learn how to quickly create ToneTip audio files for all your audio, video, and PowerPoint productions. See video

PowerPoint Production

Whether you’re in the classroom, boardroom, or convention center, PowerPoint is the #1 presentation tool. View this six minute video to see how to add ToneTips to your PowerPoint presentations. Remember to always test your audio output in the space where you’re holding the presentation. See video

PowerPoint Production
Audio Production

Audio Production

Audacity is one of the most popular audio editing tools and it’s free. Learn how to use Audacity for mixing ToneTip audio files into your Productions for podcasts and broadcasts. Remember to use the higher frequency 19k tag for higher quality podcasts. Support for 14k tags for FM radio and medium quality podcasts will be available in Q4 2019.

Video Production

Camtasia is a popular video production and editing tool. It is used by many in the training industry. We use it for many of our ToneTip tutorials. Learn how to add ToneTips to your Camtasia.

Audio Production

Test Files

ToneTip test files are very useful for testing the audio environment prior to live presentations. ToneTip audio environment testing should be conducted before important events in large venues such as stadiums, theaters, convention centers. Tests are conducted by playing the ToneTip test file through the speaker system. While the test audio is playing, open the ToneTip app on a smartphone. Move to one location and wait 10 second for the app to detect and decode the audio, then move to another location and continue testing. Be sure to walk slowly or occasionally stop to check the environment. Moving quickly creates Doppler shift of the ToneTip audio and may reduce decoding capability.

19kHz Test Files
Test 19-1 One, 5 second 19KHz ToneTip with a one second buffer at each end. The 19k ToneTip logo should appear when tested with the ToneTip app.
Test 19-10 Ten 5 second 19kHz ToneTip file with a one second buffer between each ToneTip. The 19k ToneTip test logo will appear with every other ToneTip when tested with the ToneTip app.
Test 19-1H One hour of 19kHz ToneTips. This is useful for testing a large area such as a conference center, theater or stadium. The 19k ToneTip test logo will alternate between orange and blue when tested with the ToneTip app. Moving quickly through an area may cause some detections to be skipped.
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